About us


Since inception in 2016, IG Cleaning Limited (IGC)has expanded into a one-stop household services provider. Professionalism and sincerity are the principles that we have committed to follow. Our on-demand services allow people to enjoy a class living ambience.

Support and confidence have been built among a wide range of customers and led to further business escalation in IGC Limited’s business. We have also launched a whole this website Your Household’ in accordance with our business expansion. It is intended to meet customers’ needs as well as provide more household-related information which enables people to have more understanding of household services and choose services that suit them better.

As a one-stop household service provider, we have organised ourselves to perform and deliver professional services. The services shown on our website are restructured. Currently, we categorise the services into

1)Household Cleaning
2) Homeaker Service

There are detailed instructions under each category on the website, including the service scopes, charges, terms and conditions, etc. Further, users are able to make their unique enquiries and reservations over the internet and get feedback in one working day as promised. Apart from providing household needs, we are keen to look for opportunities of business cooperation so as to extend our service networks and thereby improve the quality of client relationships.

Should you take a closer look at the renewed website, a note pad is marked in each sub-category of services. It is advised to write down the related services we provide in note pads in the family. Each note pad is well-cared by IGC Limited which helps you make household affairs easy.