Homemaker services

We will provide "help for housework" to you.
The main housework is as follows

  • Clean (the room of the vacuum cleaner, mop, clean the bathroom and the toilet, glass wipes, dishwashing, such as your clean up etc.,)
  • Laundry (washing, ironing)

In addition to the other, child care, nursing care, that a wide variety, such as such as pet care will be raised.
In addition a variety of events, school transportation, not your job good command easily, such as grave cleaning and end-of-year housecleaning. Most of us experiences spend a lot of time and effort for the daily housework.
Therefore, we offers our service with a focus on washing and cleaning as the "help for housework."
In order to enjoy the day-to-day life that is clear, we think that our company want to stand by customers of your role as a partner.
Please feel free to contact us

◆The scope and content of your work

  1. (Please contact us if the time zone hope otherwise.) From at the time from 09:00 to 18:00.
  2. Service of the day of the week, date and time you can choose your freely. Note Please make your reservation as soon as possible it will be first-come, first-served basis.
  3. The scope of your job of housekeeping services
  4. * Indoor floor cleaning
    Vacuum cleaner, cleaning in the mop (I do not do the crouch of the floor wiping the floor)
    * Window cleaning
    Wipe window wiping indoor and window frame
    Outdoor cleaning, but does not (window including butterbur).
    * Kitchen cleaning
    Sink (including dishwasher), stove, we do cleaning, such as wall tiles.
    * Clean the bathroom
    Bath, wash basin, do the cleaning of the undressing room. You will not be able to make up stubborn water stain.
    (Please refer to the house cleaning in the case of hope. I will quote separately. For more information, please contact us.)
    * Toilet cleaning
    Toilet seat, cleaning the floor

    《Additional services》

    * Clothing of laundry (washing machine use)
    * Ironing
    * Bed sheets, replacement of the pillow cover
    * Furniture wipe
    * For cleaning, such as air conditioning of the dust filter
    (Air conditioning of the dust filter, removable with respect to cleaning of the ventilation fan, mounting we ask our customers. Our staff is attached, remove does not do)

    It should be noted that cleaning tool (mop, vacuum cleaner, duster, toilet cleaning tool, detergent, etc.) with respect to let me use the ones that are used in the home of the customer. Thank you for your preparation. It should be noted beforehand please contact us if you do not mop, etc. in your home.

  5. housekeeping service staff in your designated time, we will carry out work within the above range according to customer requirements. Your job other than the above range, service staff can be allowed to refuse.
  6. You may be allowed to refuse in the case of complex work and dangerous work, and the like staff determines that the danger.
  7. chandeliers, ceiling, and walls are not included in the household services.

◆Please use the rules of housekeeping services

a) the customer must be prepared for their own cleaning supplies, cleaning tools. When you wish to prepare the cleaning tool to staff, please specify in advance purchase supplies list. (You will be billed at cost.)
It should be noted that you will be deducted from the service provider time as a service of 30 minutes as the time required for the purchase.
b) Please give me the following points and to protect the health and safety of staff.
Ⅰ) washing of clothes is used only washing machine (I do not do hand washing)
Ⅱ) it does not do the floor wiping is crouched down on the floor. (There is a possibility that damage to the waist)
Ⅲ) working with a stepladder, etc. because there is a risk of falling will be refused.

Some may be allowed to claim separately the costs by providing the location of the service by d) a remote location. We will be in advance check in that case.
For e) coupon
Please use the ⅰ) effective period is within the time period that has been described. Year-end and New Year holidays, which can be used when necessary except for the Obon holiday period, and the like.
Ⅱ) of coupon lost, any expired coupons unused is disabled. You can not be re-issued.
Ⅲ) are not transferable all of the coupon.
Ⅳ) all of the coupon can be used only address that has been registered.
f) arrangements of service staff is not provided in nomination system by IGC headquarters.
g) for the monthly plan
It will issue an invoice on a monthly Matsujime of available month. Please give me the payment within check 10 days after the invoice.

◆Homeaker Service Rate Plan

Homeaker service plans and costs

You will use the following service plan.
(1) Basic Plan (2) Package Plan (3) Monthly Fee Plan

1. Basic plan

On a one-time basis, the service is ideal for customers who can be used for the first time in domestic service. (You can not use year-end and New Year holidays and high season).
1.Basic price list
One - time +consumption tax

hour  Price
1hour 3,630yen
2hours 5,360yen
3hours 8,920yen

* In more than three hours of your choice, will be added to 2,150 yen per hour.
* In the case of expansion, please contact until the previous two days. This is an extension of the arrangement when you live up to the conveniences you choose.
* Transportation
transportation costs are ¥ 500 per available even Once we have all the services, regardless of your home distance, let me make a separate settlement.
* Free for Entrance fee and annual fee
* Please feel free to contact us for more information.

2. Package plans

We sell transaction vouchers. Customers who purchase a service coupon will be able to use it at any time during the validity period. Our experienced and experienced staff will respond quickly.

1) Housekeeping 2 hours coupon * 5 sheets 25,000 yen (tax included)
2) Housekeeping 2 hours Coupon × 10 sheets + 1 sheet 50,000 yen (tax included)

* The coupon is when you can not use it on the expiration date printed on the coupon, remember that it becomes invalid.
* As a result of the transportation costs, we ask you the burden of 500 yen per service except the above-mentioned charges.

3.Monthly Plan

To meet your needs, every week, and provide regular housekeeping services. Customers can choose the desired day of the week and time of day. It should be noted that this would be a first-come, first-served basis, please tell us as soon as you specify the time.

Price (per month) Price tax included  
Once the two-hour plan for the week (monthly 4 times) 18,500 yen 19980 yen
Once the three-hour plan, weekly (monthly 4 times) 27,000 yen 29100 yen
Twice an hour a week plan (8 times per month) 22,000 yen   23,700 yen 
Twice a week Two-hour plan (8 times per month)    35,000 yen   37,800 yen
Twice a week three-hour plan (8 times per month)    53,000 yen 57200 yen

* The above service plan is limited to those in your contract in June.
* As a result of the transportation costs, we ask you the burden of 500 yen per service except the above-mentioned charges.